To order a signed book from T.W. Piperbrook, fill out the information below with the quantities and titles of the books you’d like, along with your address, and I’ll email you back with a quote for the books and shipping. (U.S. Only) Thanks!

The Last Survivors: Book 1
The Last Escape: The Last Survivors Book 2
The Last Humanity: The Last Survivors Book 3
The Last Command: The Last Survivors Book 4
The Last Refuge: The Last Survivors Book 5
The Last Conquest: The Last Survivors Book 6
Contamination 1: The Onset
Contamination 2: Crossroads
Contamination 3: Wasteland
Contamination 4: Escape
Contamination 5: Survival
Contamination 6: Sanctuary
Contamination 7: Resistance
Outage 1
Outage 2: The Awakening
Outage 3: Vengeance
Outage 4: The Reckoning
Outage 5: The Change