Contamination: Dead Instinct

Don’t trust what you eat. Don’t trust what you drink. The infection is spreading…

In a world plagued with violence and infection, Ken and Roberta Smith want nothing more than to find their son. Having been on the road for four days, they must now cross the remaining three hundred miles of desert wasteland to get to him.

Isaac Smith has been trapped in Phoenix since the infection began. The city is virtually impassable, and the infected are everywhere. Will he escape the carnage around him? Or will he die in the city he once called home?

Contamination 5: Survival

Ever since leaving the salvage yard, Noah Chambers has been plagued by the infected and hunted by the men who patrol the streets. In order to survive, he’ll need to summon strength he never imagined.

In a world gone mad, no one is safe…

Contamination 4: Escape

Dan and Quinn Lowery may have escaped the initial infection, but their journey is far from over.
Their once-safe location has been compromised, overrun by the agents and the infected.
Now, in order to survive, they must first escape…

Contamination 3: Wasteland

The American Southwest has been destroyed, ravaged by violence and infection.
In order to stop the chaos from spreading, Sam and Delta must journey to Salt Lake City, to the heart of where it all began…
Can the survivors alter the course of history, or has humanity’s fate already been sealed?

Contamination 2: Crossroads

Two groups of survivors converge on a small town overrun by the infected and soon realize that the contamination is spreading. The streets are littered with bodies, and chaos reigns supreme.
In this new world, there will be no last meal, no dying wish.
The only reward left is to survive another day.

Contamination: Prequel

The infection starts with Frank, one of the locals at the town bar. In just a few hours, it has consumed the entire town.
Dan Lowery, one of only four police officers in St. Matthews, soon realizes he is no match for the impending destruction. Violence and bloodshed litter the streets, and the infected roam freely. No one is safe here–not even his family.
Somewhere, someone knows what is happening, and about the horrors to come…but is it too late?

Contamination 1: The Onset

After the murders of his wife and daughter, Sam Cook is rebuilding a peaceful life as White Mist’s sole resident. Without warning, a strange man enters his store, and Sam is attacked and forced to flee town.
He is soon joined by several other travelers–all of them soon locked in a struggle for survival.
The infected are taking over. The contamination has begun….

Contamination Boxed Set

This bundle contains the first four books in the CONTAMINATION series:
*Contamination Zero – Available FREE at
*Contamination 1: The Onset
*Contamination 2: Crossroads
*Contamination 3: Wasteland